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What Filmplus is about

The heart of cinema is situated between the shots. Editing determines the rhythm, dictates the order of the images and the timing of the story. They say good cuts need to stay invisible. That’s a matter of opinion. Yet its makers and the rules of their art should by no means stay invisible.

Filmplus is the oldest film festival in Europe that focuses exclusively on the art of film editing. Since 2001 it offers the German speaking editing and postproduction industry an annual event as a platform for presentation and discussion. 

Filmplus honours outstanding works of film editors. The Editing Awards (“Schnitt Preise”) for the best editing of a German or Austrian fictional and documentary film are each awarded with 7,500 euros. The Young Talent Award (“Förderpreis Schnitt”) is awarded with 2,500 euros and given to the best editor of a German, Austrian or Swiss short film.

Filmplus pays tribute to the life’s work of a well-deserved film editor. In a small film programme, the homage presents examples from their oeuvre and offers the audience the possibility of an exchange about the specific style of their work.

Filmplus propels the dialogue between filmmakers and with the audience. Each year, panel discussions, workshops and lectures are dedicated to a special topic, aiming at reflecting both theory and practice of film editing. 

Filmplus is Europe. Inviting guests from all over Europe and dedicating a special evening event to them, we are each year putting another European editors’ association as well as the work of one of their editors at the centre of attention.

Practical Information

Festival locations:

OFF Broadway
Zülpicher Straße 24, 50674 Köln

Filmforum im Museum Ludwig
Bischofsgartenstraße 1, 50667 Köln

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oliver bernau pr
Büro Köln Oliver Bernau / Christian Esser 
Tel.: +49 176 2020 2909 / +49 176 6499 3999

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15.08.2017 - Nominees are selected for Schnitt Awards

04.04.2017 - Call for Entries

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